About SMCS

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Sojourner Mediation & Consulting Services (SMCS) is a Toronto-based firm focused on assisting businesses, organizations, and members of the community with human rights-related matters, resolving consumer racial profiling complaints, conflict resolution, anti-discrimination, diversity, inclusion and employee training.

SMCS offers the following services:

  • Mediation
  • Advisory Services
  • Equity Strategies
  • ADR Assessments
  • Group ADR Facilitation
  • Risk Assessments
  • Consumer Racial Profiling (CRP) Audit™
  • Data Gathering (e.g. diversity surveys, interviews)
  • Learning and Development (e.g. Train-the-Trainer)
  • Facilitation (e.g. meeting, group, and process)
  • Policy Development
  • Interdisciplinary Legal Research
  • Guest Lecturer
  • Media Consulting
  • Subject Matter Expertise:  Consumer Racial Profiling, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Risk Assessment, Loss Prevention, Private Security, Customer Engagement, Human Rights, Equity, Anti-Black Racism Awareness, Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression, Critical Race, Intersectionality, Diversity and Inclusion, Trauma-Informed Practices, and Gender-based Analysis.

At SMCS, we are deeply committed to working with our clients to grow their internal capacity, strengthen their work environments, engage their employees, and deepen their customer relationships with diverse consumers.

We believe in knowledge sharing, fostering shared commitments to systemic change, and supporting our communities. We also work with our clients to build mindful employee and client-centred environments.

Twitter: @TomeeSojourner | @preventcrp | @legaltechequity

LinkedIn: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/tomeesojourner

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/legaltechandequity